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The Winner of The Spring 2014 Jenrick Experience is Sarah Butler at Jenrick IT! (To learn to swim!)

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Congratulations to Sarah Butler at Jenrick IT who has just been awarded the very latest ‘Jenrick Experience’ which means that she has been given £1,000 to Competition_swimming_pool_blockmake her dream come true, and that is to learn to swim!

Take a look at Sarah’s full entry below


I have always wanted to be able to swim but was never taught as a child as my parents can’t swim.

It would be lovely for me to be able to go swimming with my children and to be able to take them swimming on my own as I am always scared to go on my own in case I have to save them if they get into difficulty.

My oldest is just starting to have lessons herself so it would be great to learn at the same time.

It would mean a lot to be able to go swimming with them in the sea on holidays. It would also help with my general fitness and weight loss.

It’s a lot harder the older I get to get the courage to do this but if I could have the opportunity to learn on a one to one basis I would feel a lot more comfortable.


Jenrick Experience Winner – Ben Senior (To do an Intensive Driving Course to get my Drivers Licence!)

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Congratulations to Ben Senior of Jenrick IT who is the latest winner of The Jenrick Experience, a popular wellbeing initiative at Jenrick.

Here is Ben’s experience….


I want to do a week’s intensive driving course to pass my test and get my drivers licence so I can live the dream and do a full day of Rally car driving!


I have always wanted to pass my driving test but unfortunately have never really had the money to do so. I did start learning but due to the high cost of taking lessons, I had to stop. I would like to win the Jenrick experience so that I can attend a week’s intensive driving course which would allow me to pass my test.


The Autumn Jenrick Experience Winner has been announced!

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Congratulations to Sophie Paterson of Jenrick Commercial who is the latest winner of The Jenrick Experience, a popular wellbeing initiative at Jenrick. sophie-paterson-jenrick-experience

For a long time, Sophie has loved wakeboarding but has always wanted to brush up on her skills and learn some new extreme tricks that she can show off to all her family and friends.

Sophie entered the Jenrick Experience asking if she could get some secret professional wakeboarding lessons to help her become a pro! And now that her name has been picked out of the hat she can now make this dream a reality.

Here’s what Sophie wrote for her entry:

To set the scene…..nearly every week-end in the summer I spend my days at a lake in Yateley, Hampshire where Chris (boyfriend) and his brother (Phil) own a jet ski and where we all wakeboard.


Lee Burton updates us on Part one of his Jenrick Experience!

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

As you all know, Lee Burton of Jenrick Engineering won The Jenrick lee-burton-motorbikeExperience, one of the more popular corporate wellbeing intiatives at Jenrick, as his lucky number was picked out of a hat.

Lee is a two-wheel petrolhead and has owned several motorbikes throughout the years. So he asked if he could go on a 3-day course / race experience where he will receive expert instructions and lessons before getting the opportunity to actually race on the circuits!

Lee Burton has just returned from the first part of his Jenrick Experience where he raced at Mallory Park and this is what he had to say about it: