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7 Words To Raise Your Game – How using assertive language raises your visibility

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

There are so many ways to say something and every way means somethingcan-do1 different to your listener as you say it. Imagine you’re in a meeting and someone asks if anyone is able to take on a new project or put some figures together. You think to yourself, I could probably do that but you may sit on that thought and say nothing and wait for someone else to offer or you may put yourself forward. The trick here is, if you do decide to step up and offer, it’s how you put yourself forward.


Harvard Business Review: Management Tip of the Day: Find the 3 Ingredients to Job Satisfaction

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

We just received this very short article from The Harvard Business Review. mix-it-upIt complemented The Daily Telegraph Career Discussion recently given by Jenrick IT’s Managing Director, Philip Fanthom, and as such we wanted to post it on the blog for others to benefit from:

Far too many people toil away in jobs that leave them dissatisfied. To avoid – or remedy – an unhappy job situation, find a position that allows you to do three things:

  1. What you like to do. If what you enjoy doing most is useful, it ought to be part of your career.
  2. What you do best. Many people spend years trying to improve areas of weakness. Focus your energy on mastering what you’re good at.
  3. What is valuable to the organization. Figure out how your particular strengths can be used to better your company, unit, or team. A sense of contribution will make you feel more engaged.

If your current role doesn’t fulfill all three, talk with your manager about changing some of your responsibilities. If there is a real mismatch, consider switching organizations or careers.

This short piece reiterates the exact message delivered by Philip and we hope it continues to confirm the importance of pursuing a career that you are passionate about.

London 2012 Olympics to Create more than 5,000 IT Jobs

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Good news for the IT sector as reports show that the up-coming London david-weir2012 Olympics is going to create an additional 5000 plus IT Jobs.


Whose Glasses are you Wearing? – And do they Suit You?

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

“Oh, it’s so obvious, what you want to do is, blah blah.”  “Well, what you kay-white-communication-trainershould do is xyz.”  We’ve all done it, said it and been told it, haven’t we?  “What you need to do is” or “What you should do is” etc.  Well, in fact, what we should do most of the time is ask a question vs tell our friends/colleagues/family what it is they should do.


IT Contractor News (job market update)

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

In contrary to the report of IT contract demand ‘dwindling’, Jenrick has london-fastnoticed a sharp increase in demand from the Finance sector, with Q1 contract bookings from the finance sector being at their highest for over 18 months. Other areas of significant growth included; online marketing & transactional business, general media, IT security, and more surprisingly the defence sector.

Our clients have been motivated to engage IT contract expertise to re-boot projects that have been in ‘doldrums’. With all the signs that the UK is in the throes of recovery, clients find they have a need to regain their competitive edge and ‘steal a march’ on other players in their sector. On of the key drivers of business development is innovation, and a key driver of innovation is IT. (more…)

UK Engineering sector leading the way to recession recovery

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Great news for the UK Manufacturing  industry with the growth in on-the-increaseengineering employment, output and production, all positive signs that this sector are well on their way out of recession.

Julie Alton, Managing Director of the Jenrick Engineering Recruitment Agency comments on the positive movement within the Engineering economic climate:


Discover The Power of This Secret Website Address – How to easily tell someone what you really want, without upsetting them.

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

So often we either ask someone else – or say to ourselves -“How can I tell kay-white-communication-trainerthem that what they’re doing really needs to be better?” or “I wish I could tell them what I really want / think, without upsetting them.”

Well, it’s easy to do just that and – like most things that may seem a bit tricky at first – it takes a bit of practice. Once you’re tried it a few times and got great results; it becomes part of your toolkit. Assuming you have a range of tools in your toolkit?


CV Writing Tips

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Almost nine in 10 (88%) of recruiters see mistakes on IT jobseekers’ CVs,cv1 according to research from IT recruitment website

The research shows 74% of IT jobseekers are confident they represent themselves better in person than on paper, while 23% of IT jobseeers admit to getting someone else to write their CV for them.